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2012 was a record for Texas! Close to 45,000 students were certified in Hunter Education. Even better, Texas had a record low number of two fatal hunting accidents in 2011 as well as a record low number of 21 non-fatal hunting accidents. This is quite remarkable considering ~1.1 million hunting licenses are sold in Texas each year.

4 Ways to Complete Certification in Hunter Education… Choose the one that is right for you!


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*-No fee collected at the Field Day if the student completes the TexasHunterEd Enhanced Online Home Study Course & reserves a spot in a Field Day offered by TexasHunterEd.com.

*-$15 fee for the TexasHunterEd.com Enhanced Online Course includes the TexasHunterEd Field Day class.

*-Students taking the TexasHunterEd Enhanced Online Course but attending a Field Day NOT offered by TexasHunterEd must pay the TPWD $15 fee at class (Total Fee $30).

*-Any student who completes an 'approved TPWD’ Texas Hunter Education Enhanced Online Course other than TexasHunterEd may attend a TexasHunterEd Field Day. TPWD $15 state fee due at registration.

*-Students may pick any state-wide available Field Day to attend.

*-Due to the new changes affecting Hunter Education in Texas, class space & availability is currently limited. Additional Field Day classes will be added across Texas as they become available.