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TexasHunterEd.com Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

  1. When did Hunter Education certification course options change in Texas? On August 22, 2013, Texas Park & Wildlife commissioners voted to approve changes to the Hunter Education program. These changes, which took effect in September 2013, in part, authorized the addition of an Online Only Hunter Education Certification Course option to be made available to persons 17 years of age and older and modified existing Hunter Education Certification Course options.

  2. Why did Hunter Education course options change? Hunter Education course options changed for several reasons. First, better customer service by TPWD in offering additional class options. Second, increase compliance by hunters with current law as it relates to Hunter Education requirements. Third, make it easier for experienced and adult hunters to get certified; increasing participation in hunting overall and relieving obstacles to that participation.

  3. Is the Online Only Hunter Education Certification the same certification I would get if I went to a class? Yes! For those familiar with the pink ‘Temporary’ card you tear off the bottom of the Student Registration Form you fill out in class, now by taking the Online Only course, you will print out the same card off your printer and sign it. Your name, address, DOB, date and unique ID number will be pre-printed on the card. This consistency enables TPWD Game Wardens to properly identify each card as well as out-of-state agencies.

  4. Is certification received by the Online Only course valid immediately? Yes! Technically, once you have passed the Final Exam and paid the class fee, you are certified. You’ll need to be able to print out ‘proof’ in order to show it to a Game Warden if requested or when proof is required by law or to purchase out-of-state license or permits.

  5. Is certification good if I go hunting out-of-state? Yes! Hunter Education certification is recognized in every state and Canada.

  6. Can I take the Online Only course and then apply for the draw hunts in Colorado (or other states)? Yes! No matter which course option you choose, obtaining Hunter Education certification is required for many out-of-state hunting permits, including Colorado. Note: Certification must be completed before applying for such permits.

  7. What happened to the Home Study plus Field Day course? Nothing (really), it just got a name change. The Home Study plus Field Day is now called the Enhanced Hunter Education Course. Everything else is pretty much the same.

  8. What happened to the Two-Day Traditional course? This course also received a name change and was shortened to a 1-day instead of a 2-day class. Now called the Basic Hunter Education Course, this class is 6 hours of class/field instruction by a TPWD instructor.

  9. What happens during a Field Day? The Field Day is structured by TPWD to run approximately 4-hours long and consist of both a indoor and outdoor activities. Though each Certified TPWD Instructor across the state has flexibility in teaching each portion of the class, Field Day’s will have a review of hunting regulations as well as safe, responsible & ethical hunting practices, written 50-question multiple choice exam with a passing score of 75%, proper handling of firearms, outdoor skills trail and live-fire exercises. About ½ indoors & ½ outdoors.

  10. Do I need to bring a gun to the live-fire exercise? Not for the TexasHunterEd Field Day. Participants in our Field Day fire air rifles which TexasHunterEd provides. During special events or by special request, rifles & shotguns could be used during the live-fire exercises.

  11. Can someone accompany a minor and ‘sit in’ with a youth but not take the course? Yes! Anyone is welcome to accompany a youth and ‘sit in’ during the class & even participate in class activities; or if you would like to drop-off a youth and return at the end of the class, check with the instructor on the best time to return, usually about 4-hours later.

  12. Do you accept ‘walk-in’, ‘last-minute’ or ‘day-of’ registrants for the Field Day? We will do our best to get anyone who needs to take a Hunter Education class into one when possible. Those who register late will fill out the traditional TPWD Student Registration Form and pay the class fee of $15 at the Field Day. Students must have completed all Home Study material before attending a Field Day. Space is limited, we do not recommend waiting to the last minute to try and get into a Field Day. If you need further assistance or have an urgent situation, please call Sean @ 512-270-0808.