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Thank you for taking time to learn more about TexasHunterEd.com.

I’m Sean Hensley, President & Founder of TexasHunterEd.com. I became a Volunteer Certified Hunter Education Instructor with Texas Parks & Wildlife in 2001. Since, I’ve had the privilege to personally certify over 5048 students in Texas and was inducted into the Texas Parks & Wildlife Hunter Education Instructor Hall of Fame in 2009.

Exceeding the standards set by the International Hunter Education Association-USA & the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department for Hunter Education certification, TexasHunterEd was created with the goal of providing Hunter Education certification using the most accurate & current information and technology available with a focus on hunting in Texas. Combined, students receive both ‘real-time’ & ‘real-life’ training necessary in becoming a better hunter.

The Hunter Education program aims to produce safe, knowledgeable, ethical & responsible hunters by teaching students how to hunt safer, better comply with hunting regulations & think about their behavior. Additionally, Hunter Education aims to increase the number of 1st-time hunters (especially women and youth participants), increase the number of people that actually go on to hunt after receiving Hunter Education certification, use technology to enhance online education class options, and provide easier access to getting certified.

TexasHunterEd hopes that you will find the knowledge gained in any hunter education course valuable and helps to bring you, your family & your friends home safe, as it does for ours. We wish you a lifetime of safe & responsible hunting in Texas & elsewhere.


Sean Hensley,
President & Founder
Complete Hunter, LLC